Agua Tierra Land and Water Services, Inc.

Agua Tierra Provides Environmental Solutions to Environmental Challenges


Agua Tierra specializes in the assessment, design, and construction of projects at aquatic sites throughout the Pacific and Inter-Mountain West.  Rivers, streams, wetlands, lakes, and marine shorelines are our focus.  Our project work includes floodplain and channel restoration, assessment, stability analysis, and channel migration studies; meander restoration on degraded, straightened, or braided channels; stable channel evaluation, design and alignment for transportation projects; fish habitat assessment and restoration; restoration of incised channels and degraded urban channels; flood control and hazard reduction; stable channel irrigation diversion design; and dam removal feasibility and design; surface mine and landfill reclamation projects. Agua Tierra's team provides a full range of wetland assessment, restoration, enhancement and mitigation services.

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PMB 227, 1910 East 4th Ave., Olympia, WA 98506-4632 - 360.754.3755

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