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Bank Stabilization & Erosion Control


Biotechnical Bank Stabilization


River Channel Stabilization for Public Works



Agua Tierra Land and Water Services, Inc. has been designing and building bank stabilization and erosion control projects throughout the Northwest since 1993.  Agua Tierra provides expert level staff with international training and experience in solving erosion control and bank stabilization challenges at environmentally sensitive sites.  A hallmark of our bank stabilization work is the intensive use of native vegetation in specialized slope stabilizing (Bioengineering) applications.


Areas of expertise include:

  • Fluvial Geomorphology & Channel Geometry Studies

  • Hydrology & Hydraulic Assessment

  • Channel Restoration & Natural Channel Bioengineering

  • Biotechnical Bank Stabilization

  • Fish Habitat Restoration & Enhancement

  • Construction Inspection, Monitoring, & Regulatory Coordination