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Passage Barrier Assessments

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Since 1993, Agua Tierra Land and Water Services, Inc. has provided assessment, design, and construction services for hundreds of projects in Northwest watersheds.  Agua Tierra’s interdisciplinary team of natural resource and engineering professionals provide our clients with the technical tools and advocacy they need to complete their projects.


Areas of expertise include:

  • Project Planning, Prioritization & Habitat Assessment Design

  • Habitat Surveys and Assessments

  • Design and Permitting of Channel Restoration Projects

  • Passage Design and Barrier Removal

  • Riparian, Shoreline, and Buffer Restoration

  • Water Type Verification

  • Fluvial Geomorphic Assessments & Design

  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis

  • Fluvial Geomorphology Studies and Rosgen Level 4 Training


Past fish habitat projects include:

  • Lower Birch Creek Channel Restoration (Umatilla River): Dam removal /channel regrade. 3000 ft streambank restoration.  Steelhead habitat.  Bioengineering.  LWD structures (OR Dept. Fish and Wildlife)

  • Birch Creek Channel Restoration (Umatilla River): Design 6 miles – Build 3 miles of channel restoration.  Meander reconstruction and steelhead habitat. Braided and incised reaches.

  • Woodland Creek (Henderson Inlet – Puget Sound Basin): 10 miles of channel and fish habitat assessment.  In stream habitat; geomorphic channel condition; buffer and human impact assessment; management recommendations; conceptual designs; cost estimates.  Wetland headwaters; glacial outwash; urban hydrology; braided; heavy spring fed system.  

  • Moxlie Creek (Puget Sound): Salmon habitat enhancement.  Spawning channel.  Sediment trap.  Fish viewing area (City of Olympia, Watershed Park).

  • Murray Creek Salmon Habitat Enhancement (Nisqually River): Fish passage and habitat restoration assessment and recommendations through beaver dam and off-channel habitat complex.

  • Deschutes Oxbow Egress Channel and Off-Channel Rearing Area: Design for culvert removal.  Open egress channel, roughened channel, and wall based channel access. 

  • Upper Clarks Creek Salmon Habitat Enhancement (Puyallup River): Geomorphic assessment and channel restoration design for spawning and refuge habitat.  Full spanning log weirs, grade control, channel realignment, and fish viewing area.

  • Bunker Creek Bank Stabilization and Fish Habitat (Chehalis Basin - Lewis County, WA):  Channel assessment restoration and build.

  • Sunbeam Creek / Waddell Creek Fish Passage (Thurston County, WA): Culvert removals, channel regrades, and roughened channel designs (3 sites) Assess, design, construct.

  • Boe Ranch and Burlington Northern Mainline Bridge: Deschutes River Bank Stabilization. Bioengineering.  In-stream structures.  Assess, design, permit, build. (Thurston Conservation District)

  • Lower Clarks Creek Restoration Project (Puyallup River): Riparian buffer restoration on urban channel.  Restoration demonstration project. Assess, design, and monitor.  (Pierce County Conservation District).